Message from the Chairman

This will be my last year as Chairman of the Board at MSH. I am a willing victim of the term limits I long ago urged be added to our bylaws. Having known MSH for all of its 44 years and served on the Board for a decade, it is time for me to hand over the gavel to a new Chairman. The mission of MSH, improving health outcomes in the poorest and most vulnerable areas of the world through better health systems, has never changed. MSH’s commitment to working with local staff in the field, and applying readily available state of-the-art public health tools and knowledge, also has not changed in all that time. I am immensely proud of my association with MSH, and I can’t help but believe that others who learn about our work will share my enthusiasm.

In 2014, the world faced a great health crisis as Ebola hit West Africa. I am gratified to say that MSH was there, bringing its epidemic preparedness, community engagement, and health systems strengthening expertise to the fight. The spread of the virus has not been entirely stopped even now, but much progress has been made. The workhorses of the battle against Ebola must be preparedness and prevention—and these are exactly MSH’s specialties. Preventing the next local outbreak from becoming a next epidemic is a vital element of our mission.

As 2015 begins, MSH is in its strongest position ever to lead the building of resilient health systems for those in greatest need. Our Board of Directors, senior management, US staff, and country staff are all strong. The challenges are greater than ever, but so are the resources, and the resolve has never flagged. I will miss my formal association with MSH as Chairman, but it will remain in my heart and mind forever.





James M. Stone
Chairman of the Board of Directors



MSH Board of Directors

James M. Stone
Board Chairman
The Plymouth Rock Company

Barbara Bierer
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School and 
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Faculty co-chair
The Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center at Harvard University (Harvard MRCT)

Gail Denicola
Marketing and Strategy Consultant
Working with American University of Paris

Rebeca de Vives
RdV Consulting

Alan Detheridge
Associate Director
The Partnering Initiative

Lawrence K. Fish
Former Chairman and CEO
Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

John Isaacson
Isaacson, Miller

Paula Doherty Johnson
Senior Research Fellow
Hauser Institute for Civil Society
Harvard University

Katherine Luzuriaga, MD
Molecular Medicine, Pediatrics, and Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School
UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Office of Global Health 
Vice Provost
Clinical and Translational Research

Miriam Nelson
Associate Dean
The Jonathan M. Tisch College Citizenship and Public Service
Tufts University 
Professor of Nutrition
The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Dan Pellegrom
Former President
Pathfinder International

James Roosevelt, Jr.
Tufts Health Plan

Anjali Sastry
Senior Lecturer
Sloan School of Management, MIT