Gender Equality and Health in Madagascar

MSH’s MIKOLO project, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), supports Madagascar’s stability by strengthening locally owned, community-based, integrated health services—with a women-centered approach.

MIKOLO strengthens health services for women and children, and promotes gender equality by encouraging couples to work together on health issues at home and empowering women as health educators. 

In 2014, MIKOLO trained 120 women leaders, among them Solange Helene Rasoanirina (above), who at age 24 has become a primary source for health information in her village.

After completing MIKOLO training, Rasoanirina organized a women’s association to promote healthy practices, such as encouraging parents of sick children to consult community health volunteers. Since Rasoanirina was trained in June 2014, these consultations have resulted in 235 children treated for fever, 110 for acute respiratory infection, and 20 for diarrhea. 

Above photo: Fanja Saholiarisoa