Providing Lifesaving Medicines Worldwide

In late 2013, when health facilities in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) ordered supplies from local vendors, it took seven to ten months for them to be delivered. By the end of 2014, MSH’s Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) had reduced that time by 80 percent— to six to eight weeks—and lowered the cost of supplies as well. The award-winning SCMS, led in partnership with John Snow, Inc. and funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)/USAID, supports a global procurement system and regional distribution centers that reduce costs and increase the reliability of HIV and AIDS products and services in 21 partner countries. 

Globally, PEPFAR supports 7.7 million patients on antiretroviral treatment, of which 4.5 million are receiving direct support and an additional 3.2 million are benefiting from technical support. SCMS procures 70 percent of all antiretrovirals funded by PEPFAR.

Above photo: Warren Zelman